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Dear Friends of the Alta Pusteria Festival,

After careful reflections, the organizing committee of the event, considering both the extraordinary size of the open spaces available throughout the whole Val Pusteria, and the high and tested safety standards of all the accommodation facilities, has considered that the conditions may exist for planning the 2021 edition.

Therefore, I inform you that the 23rd Alta Pusteria Festival "SPECIAL EDITION - THE MAGIC OF THE DOLOMITES" will be scheduled from Wednesday 16 to Sunday 20 June 2021.

Naturally, we are aware of the challenge that awaits us, so we felt compelled to present an edition with important news. Here they are:

Upon request, the registered choirs will be able to visit the most famous lake in the Dolomites, walk along the shore and then enter the woods to the Malga Foresta to conclude the excursion with an outdoor performance. Choral groups will have priority entrance with free use of the parking lot (cars or buses).

It will be carried out if it is not possible to carry out the regular parade in classic form.
Following the instructions that will be provided, the choirs will arrange themselves in reserved spaces along the entire grassy ridge of Mount Baranci for a spectacular final effect - the mountain covered with colored spots - and visible from miles away.

Upon request, the registered choirs will have the opportunity to use an open space of two hours in which to perform rehearsals, not necessarily connected to the performances, on the Sesto Dolomites (Prati di Croda Rossa, Monte Elmo) or of San Candido (Gigante Baranci Hut).

It is important to point out that every event will rigorously be organized in absolute compliance with any instruction about safety that will be provided.

As for the other events, here are the updates:

Indoor performances
All concerts in the larger halls and churches are confirmed.

Outdoor performances
All the concerts on the Sesto and San Candido Dolomites are confirmed with a further increase in performances in all the most evocative outdoor places in the valley: musikpavilions, lakes, castles, mountain huts.

The Choirs Parties
Both “Welcome Party” (Festa di Benvenuto) on Plan de Corones and “Farewell Party” (Festa dell’Arrivederci) in Sesto have been confirmed.
The “Tyrolese Party” of Villabassa will be integrated with the two simultaneous events in San Candido (“Un Brindisi con il Baranci”) and Brunico (“Brunico In… Cantata”).

Warmest regards

Stefano Gentili
Director of the Festival


The Alta Pusteria International Choir Festival is a non-competitive event that takes place in Val Pusteria (Sudtirol / ITALY - Osttirol / AUSTRIA). It has an annual frequency and its program is divided into five days, from Wednesday to Sunday, during the second half of June.

Born in 1998, in twenty-two editions it has registered the presence of about 1250 choirs and over 65,000 choristers from 49 countries representing the five continents.

The Festival program usually includes more than sixty performances divided into real CONCERTS, OUTDOOR REVIEWS and MEETING-DAYS, which take place in the suggestive scenery of the Val Pusteria, from Brunico to Sillian, immediately after the border with Austria.
The concerts held indoors, scheduled in theaters, halls and churches of the main towns of the valley, are flanked by suggestive open-air performances at lakes, medieval castles and all the Alpine huts of Alta Pusteria, in the heart of the Dolomites.

The repertoire is absolutely free; no particular songs have to be performed mandatorily nor are there bans on particular periods or music genres.

The variety of places selected for the performances, the numerous events and the extremely rich repertoire make this Festival not only one of the most spectacular international choral festivals but also a unique opportunity of mutual and fruitful exchange between different musical cultures.

The Festival

The Alta Pusteria Festival is an event that includes, over five days, about sixty performances divided into three categories.


Located in "Alto Adige-Südtirol", the Val Pusteria is a long and narrow valley that stretches between Bressanone and Lienz through the Eastern Alps, between Italy and Austria.


Born in 1998, so far has recorded the presence of about 1250 choirs and over 65,000 singers from 45 countries representing the five continents.