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Located in "Alto Adige-Südtirol", Val Pusteria is a long and narrow valley that stretches between Bressanone and Lienz through the Eastern Alps, on the border between Italy and Austria. The largest center is Brunico; from here, along the valley to San Candido and Sesto, you enter a charming path where the picturesque Tyrolean towns alternate with fascinating natural sceneries.

For the 2022 edition, around 40 sites will be used, located in the twelve locations that, starting from Chienes, lead up to Sillian, in Austria.
The indoor performances they will take place in all the main concert halls and churches in the valley.
The outdoor performances they will be framed not only by i natural landscapes most suggestive of the region, such as the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Lake d'Anterselva and all the Alpine refuges of Alta Pusteria, but also the courtyards of the medieval castles of Brunico and Monguelfo and the town squares of Villabassa, Valdaora and San Candido.



SESTO (1310 m)
Because of its five alpine huts – where outdoor performances take place during the whole Festival period – Sesto is the main place of the mountain choral music. Furthermore, in the Casa Sesto not only the Closing Ceremony takes place, but the participating choirs perform in every kind of repertoire.

SAN CANDIDO (1175 m)
The town of the two characteristic bell towers is situated just before the border with Austria and in its pedestrianized zone the Choirs Parade takes place. The S. Michele Church, Casa Resch and Rifugio Gigante Baranci are all locations for the performances of every kind of repertoire.

DOBBIACO (1256 m)
Situated at the Alpine watershed, in Dobbiaco there is the Gustav Mahler Hall, the location of the Opening Concert and of most of the “Meeting-Days”. In the S. Giovanni Church the religious repertoire is performed.

This has been an important tourist destination since the 19th century and is the location of the traditional “Festa Tirolese”, where the choirs perform a folk music repertoire. The religious repertoire is usually performed In the two churches S. Stefano and S. Maddalena in Moso.

BRAIES (1213 m)
This is famous for its lake (1496 m) and it’s composed of four little communities located throughout one of the most breath taking valleys inside the Alpine Arch. The Casa Culturale is the location of the folk music and polyphonic music concerts.

MONGUELFO (1087 m)
This is situated in the center of Val Pusteria, at the foot of the majestic Medieval Castle, where a spectacular Open Air Review takes place. In the Casa Troger and the small S. Niccolò Church, situated in the nearby Val Casies, the choirs will perform every kind of repertoire.

SILLIAN (1103 m)
This town is situated in Austria, immediately after the Italian border. In the very modern Kulturzentrum and in the classical Parish Church of Santa Maria, the choirs will perform in every kind of repertoire.

CAMPO TURES (864 m) Sormontata dalle mura medioevali del suo castello, Campo Tures è il principale centro della Valle Aurina e Val di Taures, le due valli laterali alla Val Pusteria che partono da Brunico e arrivano fino al confine con l’Austria. La cittadina ospita concerti nel suo padiglione musicale, nella chiesa di San Nicolo’e sulla vetta del vicino Speikboden (2517 m)



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Sixth: 46.702700, 12.349600
San Candido: 46.732900, 12.279200
Dobbiaco: 46.734400, 12.222900
Villabassa: 46.738200, 12.171300
Braies: 46.720400, 12.132900
Monguelfo: 46.756000, 12.106400
Olang: 46.759800, 12.031000
Rasun - Anterselva: 46.845100, 12.110300
Brunico: 46.796300, 11.935500
Saint Lawrence: 46.783500, 11.903100
Chienes: 46.809400, 11.840900
Sillian: 46.747300, 12.418000
Campo Tures: 46.919200, 11.955200

27th Alta Pusteria Festival

12 - 16 June 2024

The One-Thousand-Choir Festival

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