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The Alta Pusteria Festival is an event providing for about sixty performances in five days, scheduled in three categories:



Between two and four choirs will appear in each concert, performing max 24 minutes or 8 pieces from their repertoire.
The real concerts can be indoors (churches, theatres, halls) or outdoors (concerts in the huts) according to the following timetable:
10:00 indoor concerts
13:00/14:00 outdoor concerts in the alpine huts
21:00 indoor concerts


“Open Air Reviews” are concerts performed outdoors by five to eight choirs; each choir will perform max 15 minutes or 5 pieces from its repertoire.
Each “Review” takes place in a particularly evocative natural context, typical of Val Pusteria. For the beauty of the natural sceneries and the number of performing choristers, the “Reviews” are, together with the “Choirs’ Parade”, the most spectacular event of the Festival.
The “Reviews” take usually place on Friday and Saturday between 13:00 and 14:00
Moreover, other open air performances are scheduled:
“Cori in Piazza” are reviews taking place in the central squares of the main towns in the valley.
“Choirs’ Night” it will take place at 23.30 during the “Festa Tirolese” in Villabassa”.


During the “Meeting-Days” eight to twelve choirs will perform, one after the other; each choir should sing the best two pieces taken from their own repertoire.
They are, artistically speaking, the highlight of the Festival and are planned in the biggest concert halls of the valley according to the following timetable:
10:00, Meeting-Morning
17:00, Meeting-Afternoon
21:00, Meeting-Evening


The Alta Pusteria Festival is a non-competitive event, so you can choose both number and kinds of your performances. Regarding this, please consider that:
a) You may request a maximum of six performances
b) The participation is compulsory at least in one real concert and one “Meeting-Day”
c) The participation is optional in an “Open Air Review”, in a second real concert, in a concert in the huts and in the “Choirs Night”
d) Choirs can’t perform more than three times a day


Concert Halls: in most of the halls a piano is available. The biggest halls are also equipped with microphones and speakers, in case you need them.
Churches: all churches are equipped with an organ. We remind you that in the Italian churches there is no piano. If you wish, you can bring your own keyboard of course.
Outdoor performances: please, note that in all the outdoor locations there are nor piano/keyboard neither microphones/speakers available. Therefore, your repertoire should be “A Capella” or at least with instruments such as flute, violin or others that you’re allowed to bring on the spot.
You’ll have a keyboard available only for the Welcome Party on the top of Plan de Corones.


The outdoor performances (“Reviews” and “Concerts in the Huts”) are not compulsory.
The “Open Air Reviews” (five choirs or more) take place at outdoor venues which can all be reached by bus, except the “Review” on Monte Elmo (2000 m) for which all participating choirs will have to use the cable car.
The “Concerts in the Huts” (one or two choirs) take place exclusively in the alpine huts close to Sesto and San Candido, at a height of 1500 – 2000 m: so, you’ll have to take the cable car or chairlift to go up.

28° Alta Pusteria Festival

11 - 15 giugno 2025

Il Festival dei Mille Cori

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