Vittorio Kulczycki: our concert at Baranci

vittorio KULCZYCKI

Today’s meeting is with Vittorio Kulczycki, founder of "Adventure Travel in the World", a tour operator specializing in adventure travel. In addition to travel, Vittorio has a great passion for choral singing; precisely from an initiative of him, in 1999 the Coro dell’Angolo was born in Rome, a group specialized in the research and performance of popular songs and melodies from all over the world.

With the Coro dell’Angolo, of which he is president, he participated in the last edition of the Festival, in June 2019, performing, among other things, in one of the outdoor concerts scheduled on the Gigante Baranci refuge.


A couple of hours before the concert we arrived in San Candido, where we were expected at the ski lifts to get to the refuge. The ascent by chairlift was pleasant and fast, and between a chat with the neighbor and the gaze lost in the landscape to look for the possible paths to descend on foot on the way back, after about ten minutes the whole choir was at the top.

Once you arrived at 1500 altitude, what did you think?

A splendid place, ideal not only to warm up the vocal cords before the concert but also to take beautiful souvenir photos to keep in our archive! A few clouds seemed to appear from time to time but none of us gave them too much importance, after all we were in the mountains ...

What do you want to shere with us about your performance?

After a few minutes they called us to sing: we settled in the space they had set up for us and we started our performance. We were all very concentrated and well motivated while our director, Alessia Calcagni, was guiding us with the usual confidence: I can say that, to the great satisfaction of the audience and the choristers, it was a beautiful choral performance! Sure, the clouds were looming menacing; luckily we were sheltered by a canopy that protected us enough to allow us to sing and carry out our entire program.

In the end, did you manage to get down on foot?

In fact, at the end of the concert our intention, after a snack, was precisely to walk down to the valley; it is an easy walk and lasts no more than an hour. But by now the clouds had hidden the mountains, it was hard to believe that it would stop raining soon ...

And then we sadly headed towards the chairlift to descend towards San Candido. In the end, we arrived at our bus tired, wet, but very satisfied and, above all, ready to return to the hotel where our tasty Tyrolean dinner was waiting for us!