“Yes, in our choir we feel at home!”

cantare in un coro

Have you ever wondered why, in a world now dominated by computers and social networks, many young people choose to sing in a choir? Well, today we thought we'd ask them directly! The small (but big!) protagonists of our monthly interview, in fact, are the very young artists of the two choirs "Gioventù In Cantata" and "Giovani Voci di Bassano", both directed by Cinzia Zanon (whom we thank for her collaboration), and who perform successfully in Italy and abroad.

We have chosen some of the many responses that have arrived, which have surprised us for the genuineness with which they underline a fact: the reasons for joining a choir go far beyond the purely musical aspect, which is perhaps only the starting point to get to something much deeper.

“Why did I choose to sing in a choir?” answers Anna, 22 years old, “At first out of curiosity; however, when I discovered the wonder experienced in listening to so many voices that come together to seem like one, I decided to continue! It is fantastic to live together with many other young people, sharing experiences, emotions and goals".

For Elisa, 19 years old, the choir is a place of sociality and responsibility: "The choir is a small community in which it is necessary to be aware of both one's own role and that others: in short, everyone has a responsibility! Furthermore, beautiful friendships are born that are often cultivated well beyond the time in which the musical activity takes place ".

At 12 years old, Linda was guided by the search for new friendships, to find so much more: "I discovered that commitment and perseverance are necessary to be part of a choir: only this leads to results that give satisfaction. Put on a show, enter a competition, go on a world tour… When you start singing in a choir, you can't leave it easily!”

“Training the voice” is the first reason that prompted Pietro, 10 years old and a lot of love for music, but he also adds: “And now that I've tried it I can say that it's funny!

Even younger than him, Margherita at 8 years old has very clear ideas and a precise plan: "I like being part of the choir because you travel, and who doesn't like travelling? Getting to know new places is always an adventure!”

On the other hand, it was above all curiosity that brought Stella, 17 years old closer to the choir, but how did it go after a while? “I realized that choral activity offers an extraordinary possibility for personal growth”.

"What is the choir to me?" answers 15-year-old Lisa, "It's the fun of doing something beautiful together, always having a safe place to take refuge strong> and forget everything”.

Even for Gloria, 12 years old, the choir is like a second family: "Singing in a choir makes me feel safe, with someone always ready to protect me. I feel at home in my choir”.

If you still haven't been able to move, we invite you to read the splendid concluding words of Veronica, 21 years old: “In my opinion, an activity like choral singing has a significant beneficial effect; the thing that has continued to surprise me for years is that when we sing together I almost never see sad people around me. This gives me great serenity: when you're surrounded by people who are well, it's easier for you to smile! And in my head, when I think of a boys' choir, I can't define it other than HAPPY".

Often, younger people remind adults where the heart of things is. We thank the guys who have lent themselves to bring back to our memory what drives everyone to sing choral music: when you breathe an energy of sharing, passion, love, it's impossible to keep from smiling.

Thank you all, young ones, and of course, a special thank you to your director. Not only has she passed on the values of choral music with passion, but as the great Masters said, she has once again proved that: "Music cannot be taught, it is EMANATED".