The earth pyramids of Perch are a hidden gem

The natural spectacle of the Pyramids of Terra di Perca has become a real attraction of the Val Pusteria. For a long time remained unknown, this monument made entirely by mother nature is an unforgettable show , the result of centuries of landslides, water, thaw and erosion.

Just above the town of Terento, there are various formations of this type that date back to about 170 years ago, in 1834, when the Terner stream eroded the land during a flood. The material of the pyramids derives from morainic deposits of the last glaciation of ten thousand years ago: the granitic material of which the natural pyramids are composed give these formations a special color variation, from light to gray based on the light that floods them.

To get there you can park your car for free in Plata, in Perca, which is a few km from Brunico. At this point, you can start the walk. There are two paths, one simpler and more suitable for children, and the other dedicated to experts. The indications are very well marked so you will have no problem following them. We will have to face only a first climb a bit tiring to arrive at the fork in the road where to choose the degree of difficulty you prefer.

The walk is of variable duration, from one to two hours, and branches off into splendid woods that open up to show this marvel of nature, passing through a stream up to a point where the road ends in front of a slope, where the famous earth towers are located at 1,350 m. On top of the natural formations, you can see boulders in a precarious, almost magical balance.

If you have time you can continue the walk to the Malga Gonner Alm, it's really worth it, or take a refreshing break at the Bar Caffè Piramidi in Vila di Sopra and look at the photos of your trip!

The town of Perca with its hamlets Nessano, Montevila, Vila di Sopra and di Sotto has become a popular tourist destination in the Val Pusteria and attracts guests from all over the world. Perca in itself is the perfect location for every type of tourist: those seeking relaxation, trekking or a bike ride. In the area surrounding the pyramids and the small town of Perca, a nice walk in the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Natural Park is a must, and offers splendid views, types of plants and animals of rare beauty especially in June, while you are in Val Pusteria for the Alta Pusteria Festival!