The towns of Val Pusteria: Dobbiaco

From Villabassa to the border with Austria there is the Val Pusteria or the Three Peaks area. Its beating heart is certainly Dobbiaco, defined as “the Gateway to the Dolomites”: surrounded by imposing mountain massifs and the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park and the Tre Cime Natural Park. The attractions of Dobbiaco are many, starting with its lake: one of the most beautiful in the Alps. In summer it is possible to rent boats and visit the surroundings, in winter when it freezes, it becomes a beautiful skating rink and the perfect base for playing curling.

Another popular lake to visit is Lake Landro, in the Val di Landro. It is located at 1400 m a.s.l. and it is one of the hottest lakes in Alta Pusteria. Once you arrive you will find it framed by the famous Three Peaks.

In Dobbiaco it is possible to pass the time in many ways. Starting from the visitor center, we could obtain a large amount of information and indications on the natural park of the Sesto Dolomites, and on all the other parks in the area. The museum also tells us a bit of the history of the wars that took place in the area, providing us with a context for everything we see.

The food of the area is definitely worth trying in all its forms, from speck to typical dishes. But a specific stop when you are in the area must be made in Mondolatte: the Dairy-Museum where you can discover how milk is processed (and taste its fresh products!)

In the nearby forest there will be an educational path called the magical world of the forest: a clearing just behind the Visitor Center, where you can learn a lot about the surrounding nature.

From the center of the wooden platform various branches depart that tell different stories: along these paths we can discover many things about the surrounding flora and fauna and each one leads us to know a different aspect of the forest.

Among these paths, we end up discovering the Celtic horoscope of trees: a structure built along the path that sees 21 trees associated with certain characteristics, which correspond to a certain period of the year. It will be fun to discover your own and read the corresponding Celtic description!