Nearby Lake Issengo: the green way of life

laghetto di isengo val pusteria

The Issengo lake is a natural swimming lake in the Val Pusteria which is located in the municipality of Falzes. In summer this beautiful spot is a perfect corner to take a bath and sunbathe even at high altitudes, immersed in the green of nature.

This pond is one of the last biotope lakes of its kind and offers a flora and fauna of great biodiversity. In the area, between one swim and another, you will also find a beach bar where you can enjoy a cold drink and many activities: for children, water slides and a small playground, but also for adults, thanks to the majestic fountain of water located in the middle of the Issengo lake.

From mid-June until September, this corner of the Pusteria Valley will satisfy everyone, mountain lovers or not. If you have enough of the bathroom, relaxing on the large lawn in the sun or in the shade of the grove will not be the only possible alternative. In the surrounding area, easily reachable also with strollers, you can take a walk on the Irenberg path that can be reached just before the town of Falzes in the Plan de Corones area.

Kronaction: the adventure park surrounded by nature

A short distance from the Issengo lake, there is an adventure park not to be missed for anyone in the area. It is one of the largest parks in the Val Pusteria, where it will be possible for adults and children to climb among the branches of the trees, launch themselves safely between the structures, and follow the 8 different paths from the simplest to the most advanced.

Harnesses, helmets and cables will obviously be provided to all participants at the entrance to the Kronaction park, to switch between the platforms and enjoy another splendid outdoor activity.

A Bio paradise? It's the Bergila herb garden

Also in Falzes, 5 km from Brunico, there is the ideal place for those seeking wellness and natural health. This family business has existed since 1912 and has been dealing with herb distillation for three generations now. All the work that leads from collection to distillation and bottling takes place manually and with the use of pure water which guarantees the excellent quality of essential oils, 100% pure.

During the visit, it will be easy to get lost in the smells of the herb garden, and impossible not to be intrigued by the possibility of visiting the distillery, where you can retrace the stages of processing of the mountain pine. The atmosphere is very relaxed and peaceful, ideal for those who love natural remedies: you will return home with a supply of essences impossible to find elsewhere. Check it out here: Bergila website