Val Pusteria: a unique natural stage in the world

5 giorni in val pusteria a giugno

The Val Pusteria is the perfect natural stage to live a magical experience like singing with your own choir. During the week, between one concert and another, you will spend days immersed in nature and history. Among excursions, rafting, swimming pools, castles, and adventure parks, you'll be spoiled for choice to occupy your free time before or after singing, and spend a few days together in complete relaxation in a fabulous place, unique in the world. But what to do in Val Pusteria in June? Here are some ideas!

The most important excursions

The choirs taking part in the Festival will have the opportunity to visit the most iconic places and valleys of the Val Pusteria, singing under the Tre Cime di Lavaredo or on the shores of the famous lake Braies. In the valley there are of course an endless amount of hikes for experts and novices that can be organised. To make sure you don't miss the best ones during 5 days in Val Pusteria, here are the three most famous and popular.

Mount Elmo offers a spectacular view over the entire Pusteria Valley and the Dolomites. The path starts from Sesto and allows you to reach the top in 2 or 3 hours. Naturally, the Malga di Braies cannot be missed: an excursion that overlooks the valley of the famous green lake; it starts from the village of Braies and ends after 1 or 2 hours of walking. Finally, another unmissable excursion is that of the Rifugio Auronzo, which overlooks the lake of the same name and the surrounding peaks. The path starts from the village of Misurina and arrives at the refuge in about 3 hours.

Among the unmissable excursions, we finally add the Riva di Tures waterfalls: a very easy walk for those who don't like strenuous walks; and with the Fly-line it is also possible to "fly" between the trees and over the waterfalls... comfortably seated!

Places to visit in 5 days in Val Pusteria in June

A parte i più famosi luoghi di interesse come la fabbrica Loacker, il Fun Bob di San Candido e l’agriturismo Reierhof, ci sono tante altre destinazioni meno conosciute che possiamo valutare di includere nei nostri momenti liberi dal Festival in Val Pusteria a giugno. Uno di questi è il parco del benessere naturale Vitalpinum: 5000 mq di area verde che permette di conoscere da vicino le più differenti erbe officinali. Si trova nella parte austriaca della Val Pusteria, a Thal bei Assling, non proprio vicinissimo ma vale una visita se abbiamo tempo a disposizione. Un’altra zona interessante per scoprire di più sulla cultura nella Valle è il Centro della Bahlsen, i celebri biscotti che nascono proprio qui.

For those who want to try their hand at an activity that is different from the usual, in the area of Plan de Corones there is the Kron Arc Adventure: a path of archery for adults and children, which includes a walk in nature and a very interesting and instructive itinerary on the animal species in the area. Plus, you learn archery alongside trained archers.

For culture lovers in Val Pusteria

There are at least three cultural places to visit during our 5 days in Val Pusteria in June. The first is the MMMCorones Museum: at Plan de Corones, at an altitude of 2,275 meters, there is the museum designed by Zaha Hadid. A fascinating structure already to see it from the outside, which literally looks like a piece of mountain, and has an incredible panoramic balcony over the surrounding peaks.

Near Brunico, on the other hand, there is the Provincial Museum of Uses and Customs of Theodone. Inserted in a Baroque manor of Mair am Hof, it dates back to the 17th century and allows you to discover so much about the life of the time, from the rooms to the costumes, from the ancient agricultural tools to the chapel of the house.

Last – but not least – the castles of Val Pusteria, an integral part of its popularity, as much as its splendid panoramas. A visit to the Castello di Tures, perched on a rocky hill in Campo Tures, is a must. About a third of the castle is freely accessible, while the interior can be visited with a guide by appointment.

Whatever activity you decide to do, the spectacle offered by the Val Pusteria and its being the perfect natural stage for your choral activities will certainly be an opportunity to experience unforgettable moments!