The Val Pusteria by bike: the most beautiful bike paths

For cycling enthusiasts there is nothing better than returning with the mind to when they ran undisturbed on their two wheels, in the midst of breathtaking landscapes, with the sound of pedals and the silence of nature all around. For those suffering from this nostalgia, we recommend organizing a tour of the Val Pusteria by bike. Because the cycle paths are beautiful, because Val Pusteria offers one of the best shows in the world as far as nature is concerned, because they are of the highest quality to guarantee tourists an unforgettable experience.

Traveling the approximately 61 km that form the Val Pusteria cycling route, with an elevation gain of just over 400 meters, means getting from Rio Pusteria to San Candido. Continuing after San Candido for 44 km you reach Lienz in Austria. This route that starts from Rio lasts for the most experienced 6 or 7 hours. Even beginners can do it without problems (perhaps with a little more calm!). Once you arrive in Lienz you can also go back by train with a special bike carriage.

Starting from Brunico, you can continue instead along the road that goes along the Anterselva Valley. In this valley there is the beautiful lake, for a distance of 9 km and a drop of about 553 meters. In this case, however, the advice goes to the most expert because the cycle path is not easy to do.

However, the cycle paths in Val Pusteria are dedicated to everyone, not just the most experienced or adventurous. The public transport service allows you to reach all the departure points in a peaceful way by loading the bicycle on board, without excessive restrictions, so the only thing to do is to understand the most suitable route for us and reach it easily. Going to Val Pusteria by bike is easy thanks to the many rental services that offer vehicles for all tastes: mountain bikes, racing bikes, city bikes, but also electric bikes.

It is also possible during our stay in Val Pusteria, to do the bikemobil card, a special ticket that includes the use of rental bikes and journeys on public transport.