Val Pusteria on horseback: a movie experience!

val pusteria a cavallo 2

The nature of South Tyrol on a horse! Taking a walk in the Val Pusteria on horseback is a magical experience that reconnects us with a very deep part of our history and will make us feel like the protagonists of a film from other times.

A walk on the back of a horse in the spectacle of the nature of Val Pusteria recharges us with new energy. In the area it is possible to organize real trekking or one-hour trips to visit the prairies.

Even less experienced children can experience the thrill of riding a pony in one of the many stables in Val Pusteria. Farms, stables and stables offer horseback riding adventures for the more experienced or beginners who will make the memory of the stay and the surrounding landscapes even more indelible.

The routes are also available in winter, while during the summer the stables are enriched with open fires, archery and reconstructions of Indian camps, the best for children looking for adventure.

At Plan de Corones, for example, the riding schools offer various types of horseback riding based on the preparation of the tourists. The curious, the novices and the experts delight in rides worthy of a western in the footsteps of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, with guided rides on ponies or enjoying magical rides in horse-drawn sleighs.

The South Tyroleans take particular care of their Haflinger horse breed, characterized by a blond coat. They are very robust but above all patient, and this makes them perfect to indulge and help less experienced riders. The horseback ride through the landscapes of Val Pusteria is an experience to try at least once, because the boundless landscape that we find ourselves observing all around almost detaches us from reality and makes us feel immediately inside a film!

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