The pristine land of Val Casies

val casies

Between the Vedrette di Ries and the Defregges Alps, lies the Val Casies: a pristine strip of land in South Tyrol, where life flows slowly and you live mostly on agriculture.

At the entrance to the Valley is the city of Monguelfo we have already talked about, with its ancient history and the beautiful terrace of Tesido. With Val Casies we win a front row seat between the Vedrette di Ries and the Pusteria Alps. The expanse of greenery and nature takes us to the Santa Maddalena area, with slopes covered with fir and spruce trees.

The nature that you breathe in every corner is interrupted only by the farms, the "houses" dating back to the first human settlements in the valley that are open to the public and, especially during the feast of the malghe, show themselves in all their splendor. One of the most beautiful tours certainly begins from the bottom of the Casies valley: the Sentiero delle Malghe 2000. After about 750 meters in altitude to reach the altitude of the malghe, it is an easy excursion, which at an altitude of more or less than 2000 meters makes you discover one mountain hut after another. They are a great attraction for those visiting the valley, because between a walk and a ski, an excursion and a descent by sled, we all need a hut that welcomes us and gives us refreshment with some of the traditional dishes of the valley. For example, dumplings with speck, or gnocchi with cheese, or apple strudel and much more.

Val Casies offers us a moment of contact with nature because this is the goal of its inhabitants who have chosen to keep the valley as authentic as possible. The main subsistence of the area is agriculture and this makes the trip to Val Casies almost a timeless moment. A beautiful corner of the world in a truly unique way.

This side valley of Val Pusteria extends for 18 km, all dedicated to nature lovers, between hills and slopes, ideal for hiking and cycling. Thanks to the numerous easily accessible mountain huts and the many dirt roads, the Valle di Casies offers the best requirements for mountain biking, but not only. The bike tour from Monguelfo to the bottom of the Casies valley ensures a lot of fun even for less trained cyclists. In winter, the small hills and valleys as far as the eye can see are the ideal place for sledding, ice skating and cross-country skiing, with 40 kilometers of slopes there is certainly the right one for every taste and ability. Fans of skiing and snowboarding will find the maximum fun in the surrounding ski areas.

The places to see in Valle di Casies are the museum of Voadohuibn peasant culture and the Waldsamer dairy farm where you can also watch the cheese being made. At Maso Regiohof, on the other hand, the past returns and shows itself in all its sweetness in the jams prepared according to tradition. A visit to the Welsperg Castle is always interesting, or you can follow in the footsteps of the most famous artists in the area, Simone di Tesido and Paul Troger.