The Loacker factory: a world of goodness!

Right on the border with Austria, there is a greedy oasis that is just waiting to be visited. The visitable part of the Loacker factory is called "Mondo Bontà" and is a must-see in the Heinfels area.

This oasis is located 100 km from Bolzano, and can be reached by car via the state road that connects Innichen / San Candido and Lienz. Impossible to miss it! To welcome tourists there is the pack of the famous largest Loacker squares in the world.

You can also get there by bicycle: the Loacker factory is in fact on the cycle path that goes to Lienz and is perfect for a tasty break from our bike's labors.

The Loacker factory is no longer open to the public, but offers both an exhibition that can be visited - Mondo Bontà, in fact - and a coffee. It is possible to book an interactive pastry shop that guarantees fun for all ages, and where it will be possible to take out your own wafer, choosing the filling among different delicious Loacker creams, divide it into portions and put it in a pack to take home. a unique experience that should not be confused with that of a guided tour of the Loacker production site. The participants are entrusted to the expert hands of Loacker pastry chefs who act as guides and masters. In the coffee, on the other hand, you can find all the Loacker delicacies, with wafers of all tastes and also spreadable creams.

The history of this Loacker family business began in 1925 with a simple pastry shop. Over time with the growth of products, we have come to what we know today. Within Mondo Bontà it will be possible to know the ingredients used and the different stages of production, which still takes place between these valleys as per tradition.

The factory stands in a splendid setting where there is also a playground to entertain the children. Entering the World of Goodness is free, while to participate in the Interactive Pastry we recommend booking online.

A. Loacker Konfekt GmbH
Panzendorf 196
A – 9920 Heinfels
Tel. +43 4842 6060-0