The butterfly path: in San Sigismondo for a fairy journey

San Sigismondo is a town located at 786 m a.s.l. and it is an enchanting place where in the right season it is possible to take a walk in the flower fields, on the Butterfly Path.

The walk on the butterfly path lasts 2 and a half hours and is suitable for families. 7.6 km that rise in a difference in altitude of 400 meters, and allow you to enjoy the endless expanses of pastures in bloom, among licedi, vanesse del cardo, and cedronelle. The right time for this excursion is from March to November.

Between San Sigismondo and Terento the landscape is also characterized by the farmers of the farms scattered on the sunny slopes, groves full of perfumes and the vegetation preferred by butterflies. At the beginning of the route, an obligatory stop must be made to the Gothic-style church of San Sigismondo: erected from 1449 to 1489, it has one of the oldest and most important high altars in South Tyrol. San Sigismondo is not a typically tourist resort. But it is a precious experience for lovers of nature and culture. The town framed by the highest peaks of the Dolomites, has about 2,700 inhabitants.

Along the butterfly path we will also encounter many erratic stones, the Gugge farms and the Schifferegger farm, perfect places to rest and enjoy a beautiful dominant position of the whole valley. Not to be missed during the walk, the ruins of the Guggenschlössl castle, which according to legend was destroyed by the giants of Casteldarne with large boulders.

Speaking of Casteldarne, it is right here, above the Rienza river that the local Castle is located, a beautiful Baroque building overlooking the Chienes valley. The castle of Casteldarne is divided into two parts: on the south side the old part remained intact, to the east the baroque part, renovated in 1700. It is worth a visit if only to look at the furnishings of that era, made of pomp and beautiful frescoes , which seem to have just come out of a period movie.