The International Choir Festival arrives in San Vigilio

San Viglio festival internazionale di canto corale

The International Choral Singing Festival arrives in San Vigilio! For the 2023 edition, we are adding a place to our magical scenarios where tradition is an integral part of the identity of its inhabitants. We are talking about San Vigilio which, together with San Martin, represents a cultural center of the Ladin language and of authentic life with a thousand-year history. Nestled in the Dolomites, on the slopes of Plan de Corones, these main centers of Ladinia fill the eye with intact woods, safeguarded by the provincial regulations on nature, culture and tranquility parks. San Vigilio has the distinction of being among the Alpine regions with the highest percentage of sunny days of the year, which is why the area is called "Bela Badia".

San Vigilio di Marebbe, Al Plan in Ladin, is the capital of the area which also includes the hamlets of Pieve di Marebbe, Longega and Rina. It was one of the first places in the world to receive the certificate of environmental sustainability according to the GSTC standards. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is a non-profit organization created by the United Nations to reward tourist destinations that meet the standards required by sustainable tourism with regard to places, accommodation, and tour operators.

And this, in the valley, is felt. Respect for the territory that hosts the inhabitants of San Vigilio is felt every time you visit its territories and here sustainability passes from recycling to waste reduction, up to greener mobility. In every restaurant or hotel, priority is given to local, organic and sustainable products which stimulate community activities.

A journey into the Ladin culture

The Ladins are among the first men and women to have settled in the Dolomites, according to some findings in the period before the Bronze Age. With the arrival of the Romans, the social and economic system of the Ladins was revolutionized: they passed from simple agriculture to crafts, they learned a new legal system, and their language changed, merging with Latin.

The glue that held the Ladins together throughout history, despite wars and divisions, has always been art: culture, music, literature and love for a tradition that no era she managed to destroy. For this reason, for those who really want to get to know San Vigilio and Val Badia, a visit to the "Museum Ladin", in the ancient Ciastel de Tor a San Martino in Badia, which tells the story of the culture of which the population is rightly proud.

Things to do in San Vigilio

Between San Vigilio di Marebbe, San Martino in Badia and the various hamlets, you are spoiled for choice of outdoor activities that you can do together. Old mills on the banks of the stream, the Ciamaor beach where you can play and rest, and bicycle hire for visiting the natural parks and those equipped for children.

We can't wait to discover it together during the 2023 edition of the International Festival of Choral Singing! On the two scheduled dates: Friday 16 and Saturday 17 June at 21:00, in the "Sala delle Manifestazioni"... or rather, to put it in Ladin: "SALF DLES MANIFESTAZIUNS".