The bathing lakes of the Val Pusteria

You know, the choice is always the same: sea or mountain? In Val Pusteria the answer satisfies both sides. Not because there is really sea, but because it is easy to find breathtaking places that reflect the tastes of mountain lovers but do not take sea lovers away from a splendid swim when they want it. In Val Pusteria there is a large variety of swimming pools and swimming lakes where you can relax, sunbathe and breathe the high altitude air.

Among the bathing lakes of the Val Pusteria where you can enjoy the natural landscape of South Tyrol we find Lake Issengo and Lake Tristach. In Issengo from June to September there is a slide, a jet of water and an aquatic playground perfect for children and a large surrounding area where you can relax, sunbathe and enjoy the beauty of nature.

In East Tyrol there is the famous Lake Tristach: at the foot of the Lienz Dolomites it is the ideal place to take a walk in the surroundings. Near Brunico, on the other hand, is the Gais lake, in Plan de Corones. Easily accessible on foot or by car, it also has a beautiful cycle path. Especially for children this is the place to have fun and play. While adults can enjoy the open area, bars and relaxation on the shore.

Also in Campo Tures there is a natural swimming pool surrounded by green meadows and splendid aquatic plants. Swimming in this pond literally means immersing yourself in the nature of this land. The swimming pond is part of the five areas of the Cascade wellness center and was created with full respect for the environment. The water does not contain chlorine but is purified with a very advanced system, thanks also to the use of aquatic plants capable of regenerating the water.

The natural lake of Dobbiaco works in the same way and is immersed in a small oasis. It is made up of two pools: one for adults, which reaches a depth of 2 meters and is 37 meters long, the other dedicated to children with a difference in height ranging from 60 cm to 1.35 m. Around the lake you can find everything to ensure a perfect day: from bars to restaurants, to a sun terrace.