Festival of the Malghe della Valle Casies in Val Pusteria

Here is one of the events not to be missed next September! When it comes to Val Pusteria traditions one cannot help telling about the Feast of the Malghe of the Casies valley. In 2019, this special day falls on September 15th and takes place in 8 malghe in the Casies valley. It is an excellent opportunity to combine outdoor activities with a splendid gastronomic tour!

Enchanting landscapes, musical bands, songs and dances, but also typical products and an air of communion and joy that can be felt everywhere. The Festival of the Malghe has become very popular in the area, and brings together tourists and residents in a great open-air celebration of traditional dishes of the area and many shows.

Across the Path of the mountain pastures 2000 in Val Casies you can combine the charm of the excursions with delicious tastings of typical South Tyrolean specialties in one of the shelters that you will meet along the way. Walking together on the mountain pastures of the Val Casies during the festival of the pastures means meeting many other people who are preparing to consume the South Tyrolean specialties in the numerous shelters between San Martino, Santa Maddalena and Colle.

Canederli, goulash, Schlutzkrapfen (Pusterian ravioli), barley soup with Tirtlan (stuffed pancakes), Kartoffelplattlan (pasta and potatoes) with cabbage, cheese, smoked sausages, speck, apple strudel, Strauben (typical fried cake), homemade cakes and donuts, Alto wine Adige or refreshing beers, and home-made juices for the little ones.

The Malghe festival is celebrated for greet the summer in company and have fun all together. Thanks also to the musical groups that deal with entertainment and are an integral part of the tradition: such as the “Goaslschnöllern” (whip crackers) and the “Schuhplattler” (lit. “shoe batters”: dancers who clap their hands on their legs and on the soles of shoes). There are easy routes also for families with children, the Festival of the Malghe is dedicated to everyone!

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