Discovering the Riva waterfalls

This is an obligatory stop for those who find themselves doing a tour of the Valle Aurina! The path to go to the discovery of Riva waterfalls it is already in itself a show that unfolds through the woods. It is rather simple with little slope and it is an experience that you should not give up when you are in Val Pusteria.

There are three waterfalls in Riva, about fifteen minutes apart, and can be visited following the path that touches the three different heights. The first is very easy to reach through a non-steep path. The path to follow is marked red-white and starts from the center of Campo Tures (864 m asl), crosses the Rio Aurino and, following its downhill course, arrives at an intersection. The path to the first waterfall is n.1 "Wasserfall".

Turning to the left, we begin the route to reach the second waterfall. Here the road becomes a bit steeper, until the third and final of these natural shows. It is not necessary to be an expert hiker to complete the route and the view is also worth the more tiring moments. The route lasts between 2 and 3 hours starting from Campo Tures, and is 7 km.

Is worth visit them especially in summer, when they offer a truly impressive natural spectacle because the water flow is more powerful. But even in winter, see the Frozen Riva waterfalls, it is a truly unforgettable scenario.

The path of the waterfalls that goes up the course of the stream is a sort of Via Crucis, dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. Along this road there are beautiful wooden sculptures and some phrases taken from the Song of Creatures, hence the name "Path of St. Francis"(Franziskusweg), also called"Song Trail“.

After the excursion, it is possible get off with the Fly line, a pulley in the middle of the wood that accompanies us at the beginning of the path. It costs only 10 euros and is a fun activity especially for families with children (but why not, even for adults!).

Further information: APT Campo Tures, tel. +39 0474 678076